Japan IT Week Nagoya
2024/7/17(Wed)- 19(Fri)


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Show Brochure (PDF) includes: Exhibitor/Visitor profile, previous show result, Japanese market information  etc.


B to B Show Aiming for Discussions and Orders

Japan IT Week Nagoya is not just an event for public relations but an exhibition for business discussions to generate sales. For this reason, Show Management makes sure that each exhibitor has at least one set of table and chairs for business discussions inside the booth. As a result, exhibitors have been able to negotiate with visitors extensively and achieve great results.

Best Place for Expanding Sales & Networking

Japan IT Week Nagoya is central Japan's largest trade show for all IT solutions. The show is held in Nagoya, which is the 3rd largest economic area in Japan. Exhibitors can cover the whole central Japan's market, which is a half of Japanese market by exhibiting at this show. Japan IT Week Nagoya is the best place for all IT companies to generate new business in central Japan. 

WHY Japan IT Week Nagoya?

The show is a great place to discover prospects and make new connections with hard-to-reach customers. Exhibitors can also engage existing customers to generate more sales at one place.

Japan IT Week Nagoya covers all the IT fields that are indispensable for system construction such as AI & Business Automation, Information Security, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Data Center, and more.

Visitors with various IT problems visit for consultation with exhibitors. The show can greatly contribute to the expansion of your business as you can have business meetings with not only the visitors but also the other exhibitors as well.